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I love you and thank you!

"Dr. Eric Udell is one of the most exceptional individuals and doctors I have ever met and am sure will ever meet! I am beyond grateful for the care and healing he has given me. Dr. Udell was my first introduction to naturopathic medicine and I was so impressed with the approach, guidance, and healing treatments that he immediately became my 'primary care physician.' Here are some of the powerful highlights of how he has improved my life.


My first visit with Dr. Udell lasted 3 hours! What doctor ever spends that amount of time with a patient?! I was blown away. He took that much time because he really wanted to know and understand me, my predispositions, my thought and behavior patterns, and my physical issues and needs. It was extraordinary the level of depth he went into and how much information he was able to synthesize to create an optimal healing plan JUST for me. The value of his interest, his compassion, and desire to understand me and my needs cannot be overstated!


His care did not stop after that first meeting. In fact it just intensified. Given the seriousness of the issues I was facing, he made himself available at all times to make sure I understood and was comfortable with the healing remedies and process. He also helped me cope emotionally which was just extraordinary and I am so grateful for the insight and help he provided me in that regard. I could not have healed with as much grace without his help. It’s like I got a friend and an expert doctor all in one! Amazing.


I was also surprised and very impressed with his knowledge, approach and openness to traditional medicine. He was able to order lab work and was able to interpret and explain the results to me in a way that I could understand and become an active part of my own care. This is powerful and should not be underestimated in its importance. He actually identified some serious complications that my traditional PCP [primary care doctor] missed and he called the right specialists and helped get me into them very quickly. He also maintained a very close relationship with my other providers and helped give me a balanced perspective on the choices available to me.


When I meet with Dr. Udell I know his only focus is on me and my overall well being. And he will absolutely take whatever time is needed to help me and will actually proactively call me just to make sure things are going well. That is amazing care!!


I love you and thank you!"


Laura A., age 37

Business Owner

Scottsdale, Arizona



One of the best experiences in a doctor’s office

I first met Dr. Udell as a new student at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He was teaching an introductory homeopathy class. The day that he explained how homeopathy could help with food allergies I knew I wanted to see him as a patient.


My initial appointment was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a doctor’s office. Dr. Udell not only showed compassion and patience, but also obvious competence as a clinician. In the many months that followed my first visit I have experienced wonderful improvement in my overall health. Not only is he competent and compassionate, but also thorough in his care. I feel listened to and safely cared for.


I have also received wonderful care for several acute problems. At one point I was very ill with the flu and Dr. Udell called me just about every 3 hours over the course of 2 days to ensure that I had the right remedy and was improving appropriately—what a dedicated physician! When I experienced several episodes of intense stomach pain, not only did he prescribe the correct remedy to relieve the pain, he also sent me for a CAT scan and, later, to a gastrointestinal specialist to make sure nothing was wrong.


I also entrust my husband and son to Dr. Udell’s care. My son has experienced several broken arms and Dr. Udell has always been available to help. When my son fell the first time, (before he was even an official patient!), I called Dr. Udell from the ER to ask how best to help him. It was long past office hours and Dr. Udell not only spoke with me, but called in a prescription so we could pick up a remedy to help with the pain. Each time I’ve called Dr. Udell from the ER he has been more than willing to help. I know that he will always return my phone calls and I deeply depend on and trust his advice.


The front desk staff at the office plays no small part in the wonderful experience I’ve had as Dr. Udell’s patient. Tami always greets everyone with a smile and positive attitude. She is sweet when I call with questions for Dr. Udell and I know he always gets my messages. When my son broke his arm the second time, I was very upset about how long it was going to take before his arm was set, so of course, I called the office to get Dr. Udell’s opinion. I was tearfully distressed when I called and Tami was incredibly compassionate and offered to call Dr. Udell and get back to me right away with his thoughts. Her sweet nature and loving concern were wonderful blessings to me in that moment. I love walking into the office and seeing her smile and I enjoy observing her competence as she multitasks and serves other patients—always competently and always with a great attitude.

As both a patient and a naturopathic medical student I get to uniquely experience Dr. Udell in his role as "Teacher,” a core naturopathic principle. He is endlessly patient as I ask a multitude of questions about my care. I want to learn as I heal and he is more than willing to participate in my education. He has been patient and engaging with my 10 year old son’s antics and questions. My son actually looks forward to his doctor visits! I covet my appointments with Dr. Udell, not only for my health, but also for what I learn. He truly exemplifies what it is to be an excellent physician and I am incredibly grateful for the care he provides for me and for my family.

Dr. Udell continues to show himself to be not just an excellent practitioner, but also a man of honor, compassion and competence. I believe he exemplifies what it is to be a great and excellent physician.


Kirstin C., age 37

Graduate Student

Mesa, Arizona



My condition has improved dramatically

Dr. Haller has devoted more time to me than any other physician I have ever known.  Her excellent staff got me into the office right away.  In the first week, Dr. Haller spent over three hours with me. 


My issues were significant, so, not only did she devote the time to get to know me and start treatment, she was there for me with phone support on the weekends until my most critical period of time had passed.  Dr. Haller is dedicated to ensuring that I get my active lifestyle back.  She will do what it takes to get me there.


I had seen many doctors.  I had even been in the hospital.  No treatable diagnosis was ever made.  Since being under Dr. Haller's care, my condition has improved dramatically and continues to improve.


I do not claim to fully understand how homeopathy works.  All I know, is that I feel much better as a result of it.  I am continuing to heal over time.  It is so encouraging to know that my "whole person" is being treated.  I am not just being given drugs to treat symptoms.  One of the remedies I was given made me feel as if a veil was being lifted from me.  It has been a good experience.  Like everything else there are ebbs and flows, but my overall experience here has a very positive one.


Dr. Haller's staff are very friendly and welcoming. They do a very good job running the office. They return calls promptly. They get their patients in contact with the doctors quickly. They are very professional, responsive, warm and caring. They are excellent at ensuring the care of the patients beyond the doctor's door.


My experience with Naturopathic Health Associates has been nothing but positive.  I would recommend their practice to any of my friends or co-workers.


Deb Sackreiter, age 46

Mesa, Arizona



Above and beyond all expectations

Dr. Haller and Dr. Udell are two very special people.  The care you receive from this practice goes above and beyond all expectations.  The great service starts when you first call the office and a real, live person answers!


That real, live person is Tami. She is always cheerful, helpful and doesn't make you feel like a nuisance. If you are having a problem, they always try their best to get you in that day, and always make me feel welcome and never rushed. Dr. Haller even made arrangements to see my daughter at the spur of the moment as she was in town for only a few days and really needed her help.


I cannot stress enough how these doctors have helped me in my struggles emotionally and physically. The switch to naturopathic medicine and homeopathy has been well worth it. I encourage everyone who is struggling with traditional medicine to give Dr. Haller or Dr. Udell a try. You won't regret it!


Nita Soller, age 46

School Administrator

Phoenix, Arizona



Wonderfully uplifting and I feel better than ever!

"It was a pleasure coming up with all of the reasons why I appreciate having you as my doctor. I also asked my roommate to help me with this as we both have truly enjoyed our experience with you!


Dr. Haller's passion is...contagious! She is committed to her work and assured me, without hesitation, "We're going to get your body back into balance!" Dr. Haller listens to my concerns and spends ample time to ensure she is providing an individualized treatment plan that best suits my needs.


My experience with Dr. Haller has been wonderfully uplifting and I feel better than ever! I have and continue to refer family and friends to Dr. Haller with the utmost confidence that they will receive great medical care. You can hope for a full recovery and for care that allows growth, both physically and mentally.


Thank you Dr. Haller for all your hard work, dedication and desire to improve my life and all those you treat!"


Elana G., age 24

Graduate Student

Tempe, Arizona





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There have been two great revelations in my life: the first was bepop, the second was homeopathy.


Dizzy Gillespie

great jazz musician


naturopathic exam

Homeopathy .... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science.


Mahatama Gandhi


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