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Both Dr. Udell and Dr. Haller are naturopathic physicians with extensive expertise in homeopathy. They are graduates of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona and board-certified naturopathic physicians licensed in the State of Arizona. Each completed a residency in naturopathic family practice at Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Dr. Udell and Dr. Haller provide comprehensive healthcare and can assist you in diagnosis and treatment. They perform medical examinations and order testing whenever necessary. They work with people of all ages and take great satisfaction in helping their patients overcome their health challenges and regain their quality of life.


Despite having different last names, Dr. Udell and Dr. Haller are married and are the proud parents of a busy and beautiful little boy.

Doctor Udell

Dr. Eric Udell.


Eric Udell, N.D.

Dr. Udell has a strong reputation for excellence in homeopathy and for his ability to tackle challenging cases. He is an Assistant Professor of Homeopathy at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine with a keen interest in the rich homeopathic literature of the 18th and early 19th centuries. Following his residency training he completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in homeopathy, the first fellowship of its kind in the United States.


In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Dr. Udell loves to work with patients and has considerable clinical experience. He traveled to Sri Lanka with the humanitarian organization Homeopaths Without Borders and treated hundreds of survivors of the tragic tsunami that devastated South Asia the day after Christmas, December 2005. He studied with internationally acclaimed homeopathic physicians Drs. Francisco and Jose Eizayaga in their busy family practice in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has served the Native American community on a number of different occasions.


Dr. Udell has a number of interests and passions that extend beyond his career in naturopathic medicine. He has studied drumming and percussion for the better part of his life, and enjoys travel, and good food. He has been an active sports enthusiast his whole life and loves the outdoors. Before entering his career in naturopathic medicine, he was a special education teacher. He was awarded a Masters Degree in Special Education from the University of Houston and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

Doctor Haller

Dr. Danite Haller.


Danite Haller, N.D.

Dr. Haller is widely regarded for her exceptional skills as a homeopath and the unbridled passion she brings to patient care. Her enthusiasm for her work is contagious, and her warm and down-to-earth manner make getting to know her easy and comforting. She completed a residency in family practice with a special focus in homeopathy, a rare achievement as few residencies of this kind exist in the United States.


From a young age, Dr. Haller knew her mission in life was helping people, and when she discovered naturopathic medicine, she knew she had found her calling. Practicing homeopathy is especially rewarding for her as it allows her to build close relationships with her patients and then to experience the great satisfaction of watching them get better.


During her residency, Dr. Haller was mentored by Dr. Stephen Messer, the distinguished Chair of Homeopathic Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has studied with other internationally acclaimed homeopathic physicians, including Drs. Jose and Francisco Eizayaga, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Dr. Andre Saine in Montreal, Quebec. Following the completion of her residency, she served as an Adjunct Professor of Homeopathy at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.


Dr. Haller has other interests outside of naturopathic medicine. She has studied dance for much of her life and was a competitive gymnast as a teenager. She still loves to dance whenever the opportunity arises and may be found running trails, hiking, or playing with her little boy in her free time. She is also passionate about good food and loves to cook. She completed her undergraduate studies in pre-med at Towson University in Maryland.

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